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"We administer, upgrade and maintain your software while making sure all versions are kept up to date and licenses remain compliant."

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Business Software Solutions

Techworks takes care of all business software requirements. We facilitate the planning, sourcing, procurement and installation of all software as it is required by our clients. We administer, upgrade and maintain your software while making sure all versions are kept up to date and licences remain compliant. Unlike other solutions providers we make sure all software is licensed and owned by our respective clients whilst we maintain detailed records of all licence and upgrade information.

Techworks offers full software support to all of our clients through our managed IT services and Helpdesk solutions. Making sure the users are always able to use their software to its full potential and are never left stuck or uninformed.

Insurance Information Systems

Techworks specialises in the supply and implementation of sophisticated information systems for the African and European insurance industries.

The international short-term insurance industry is progressively demonstrating a need for accurate and instant management and operational information that meets the requirements driven by emerging trends and expanding market niches. To stay ahead in these challenging conditions the insurer needs the confidence that relevant information will be at hand when required, but more importantly that it will be interpreted effectively.

At Techworks IT Solutions we recognize the considerable risk that the insurer is exposed to when relying on an outsourced provider of critical information. We also recognize that the internal development of advanced business and IT systems often demands considerable investment of capital and valuable management effort. Together with our partners we partner with clients by identifying their information needs and taking on the financial risk involved in customizing, implementing and successfully employing our information system in order to fulfil those needs.

Fundamental insurance functions are supported by the core system engine in an integrated manner:

Underwriting - Reinsurance - Claims - Financial Accounting and Credit Control - Reporting - Security  and Technical Architecture.

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