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"Techworks ensures that only qualified technicians are used to service your computer and network equipment..."

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Network Infrastructure Design

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Networking Solutions

We supply and install wired and wireless networking solutions. Assisting you in installing the most 'cost effective' connection for your business.  Including solutions from the wireless, 3g, 4g and hard-wired broadband operators.

With our vast experience in the network industry we specialise in the design of network infrastructures and computer rooms from ground level to complete operating level.  Added to this are expertise in maintenance and upkeep of existing network infrastructure. Cleaning and maintaining your computer room and your network infrastructure (hubs, switches, cabinets) is critical to the operation and lifespan of your computer and network equipment. Techworks ensures that only qualified technicians are used to service your computer and network equipment through affordable Service and Maintenance solutions and Service Level Agreements that suite your specific requirements.


Our partners are certified to install and test any data and voice cable, connectors, patch panels, trunking etc. to the requirements set out by the IEEE 802.3 standard.  These installations include the installation, configuration and testing of Network Interface Cards, Hubs, Switches, Routers, 10BaseT, 10BaseTX, 10BaseT4, 10BaseF and 10BaseFX.  We have the capability to install data and voice cables from 400 points right down to 1 to 2 points at a time.

All the cabling facilitated by Techworks follows the SABS 0142 code of Practice, the Factories, Machinery and Building Work Act of 1991 as amended by the local municipal by-laws and regulations, the local fire regulations and Telkom regulations.

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